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Activity Book 2
Release: 2015
Age: 3-8

Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-77205-002-8

Price: $7.95

About the activity book:
The activity books promote children's whole brain development through a variety of activities such as colouring, drawing, tracing, mathicng and logic puzzles.

Each game has three skill-building activities that are fun and challenging:

Essential skills developed:
• Fine motor skills and working with grids
• Spatial orientation
• Sorting and classifying using colours
• Reasoning, inference, memory, comprehension, and decision making.

School and life skills:
• Self-reliance and multi-tasking
• Criteria selection and judgement
• Interpreting and verifying visual clues

Personal and social skills:
• Listening, communication and concentration
• Self-help, self-correction and working with others.