Three Little Piggybanks

Three Little Piggy Banks

Teaching children the basic principles of personal financial management

Written by Pamela George
Illustrated by Meredith Luce
40 pages
8"x 10"
age 4 ─ 8

Price: $12.95 (Paperback)

Publication Date: November, 2016

About this book:

Three Little Piggy Banks is a story for ages 4 to 8 that teaches the basic principles of personal financial management. The twins, Ella and Andy, receive three piggy banks each for their 5th birthday when they have their hearts set on a camera and a bike. Their parents explain that the twins will start to receive an allowance of three dollars a week that they will divide into three piggy banks called Saving, Sharing and Spending. When Ella and Andy meet their goal of saving five dollars each, their parents will help them buy the gifts they wanted. Young readers will learn about delayed gratification, the importance of sharing, how to set a goal for saving, and how good it feels to buy something special while living within one’s means.

The author, Pamela George, is dedicated to financial management and helping others escape the cycle of poverty and debt. Three Little Piggy Banks will put kids on the right track for a future of financial stability. Kids are encouraged to personalize their piggy banks and decorate them with pictures associated with their dreams and goals. The book comes with a handy pull-out tracking sheet to help them manage their savings, spending, and donations.

A Note for Parents and Teachers:

Every day, I see how financial illiteracy causes homelessness, addictions, broken dreams, sickness, broken marriages and broken children. I see firsthand how this epidemic is passed on from generation to generation, perpetuating the cycle of excessive debt and living pay cheque to pay cheque. My objective for this book is to give children an opportunity to finally break that cycle and allow them to be free from the burden of financial worries and to enjoy the freedom of financial sustainability.

It is never too soon to start learning about money and how to manage it. Let’s educate the children who will grow up to become responsible and successful adults who, in the absence of financial worries, will have the capacity to focus on their dreams and live their life at their full and true potential.

Let’s learn from Ella and Andy. Let’s all learn about:
✔ Goal setting and planned spending
✔ Giving back
✔ Delayed gratification
✔ Tracking expenses
✔ Keeping track of accounts
✔ Talking openly about money thereby removing the taboo and stigma of money
✔ Separating savings from spending
✔ You can only spend what you have

To help children practise these skills, you will need:
• To give your child 3 dollars every week. It could be less or more but whatever amount you use it should be consistent and it should be able to be divided equally into three parts (saving, sharing and spending)
• 3 piggy banks or 3 jars or 3 bowls with lids
• Stars or coloured pencils to draw stars
• The worksheet at the back of the book (feel free to copy as necessary)

About the Author:

Pamela George was born in Trinidad and Tobago and now lives in Ottawa, Canada. From a childhood of poverty and growing up with an illiterate single mother, Pamela knows firsthand how education can be the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse.

Pamela has more than 8 years’ experience working in the financial field. Prior to her current job as a Credit Counsellor, Pamela worked as a Financial Aid Officer with Algonquin College. Pamela is an Accredited Financial Counsellor of Canada (AFCC) designee.

Pamela’s passion is to help people, especially at a young age, to build strong and lifelong financial literacy skills. This book is one of the many ways that Pamela does this.

(Photo by Robert Christian)