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Sport Match
Release: 2015
Number of Players: 1 or more
Age: 3-8

ISBN: 978-1-77205-0-707
Language: English, French, Germany, Spanish, and Chinese

• 9 Smarti bears
• 1 colour die
• 1 game board
24 game cards (9 game cards)
• an Answer key and multilingual game rules
Price: $16.95

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This game of spatial orientation is designed to help children develop critical thinking, personal, and social skills.

“The aim is to figure out the place of each bear on a grid using visual clues. This educational game develops logic and concentration skills. The rules are clear and well explained. The little bears are adorable. At first, requiring a little help from a parent, the child rapidly becomes autonomous. It has generated a great interest!”

The target skills are:

• Spatial orientation
• Working with grid
• Reasong, inference, memory
• Comprehension and decision-making
• Criteria selection and judgement
• Interpreting and verifying visual clues