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Zigzag Logic
Release: 2015
Number of Players: 1 or more
Age: 3-8

ISBN: 978-1-77205-0-714
Language: English, French, Germany, Spanish, and Chinese

• 9 Smarti bears
• 1 colour die
• 1 game board
24 game cards (9 game cards)
• Answer key and multilingual game rules
Price: $16.95

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This game of sequencing is designed to help children develop essential thinking skills and other life skills. By playing this age appropriate Sudoku-type logic game, children will develop logical skills and math concepts as they enjoy discovering the order of nine Smarti bears racing down the zigzag trail.

“The game challenged children to use their skills of logic ... Kids enjoyed the reasoning part of the activity, but also enjoyed the version that was played more as a game with the roll of the colourful dice. There was a progression in the problem solving from very easy to increasingly difficult. An answer key provided instant feedback. The bear theme was enjoyed as much as this thinking game.”

The target skills are:

• Time orientation
• Classifying and sequencing
• Reasoning, inference and memory
• Comprehension and decision making
• Criteria selection and judgement
• Interpreting and verifying visual clues