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Wisdom for Children: Logic Learning

Brain Fitness Kit 1

Smarti Bear Brain Fitness Kit 1

Brain Fitness Kit 2

Smarti Bear Brain Fitness Kit 2

Brain Fitness Kit 3

Smarti Bears Brain Fitness Kit 3

Brain Fitness Kit 3

Smarti Bears Brain Fitness Kit 4

Story Book1 French

Smarti Bears on the Run

Smart Bears Story 2

Smarti Bears Go for a Swim

Smarti Bears Story 3

Smarti Bears Create Art

Story 4

Smarti Bears Make A Gift

Smarti Bear Activity Book 1

Smarti Bears Activity Book1

Smarti Bear Activity Book 2

Smarti Bears Activity Book 2

Smarti Bear Activity Book 3

Smarti Bears Activity Book 3

Smarti Bear Activity Book 4

Smarti Bears Activity Book 4

Wisdom for Children is a series of story books and logic games which focus on the development of children's essential thinking skills. The collection is based on Dr. George Ghanotakis’s research. This collection is unique, innovative and engaging for both children and adults.

Wisdom for Children was designed to benefit all children and conform to the expectation of pre-k to 2nd grade education aligned with principles and curriculum content of Common Core Standards, Head Start Program, NAYEC and the Ontario Full Day Early Learning Program and the Quebec Ministry of Education and International Curriculum Frameworks from 14 countries. The logic learning games for Early Math and Science, Early Language and Literacy, Critical Thinking, Social and Emotional Development and Personal Development have been successfully tested by parents and teachers and selected as approved curriculum material.

The ideal school implementation setting is a whole school or whole grade level. The program has also been a valued component of programs targeting children with a range of learning disabilities, as well as of gifted programs.